Monday, 18 May 2009

Taxi trip with Mordia in the old part of the city

Long time silence but P. could not write as something horrible did happen in our house.
Sometimes things happen under our own eyes and we can not stop them even if we are very careful .
We didn't t even pick up the award, will do today.Sorry Sally.
I go sometimes to the office with P. and we drive taxis.....
In Honk Kong we can ride taxis with a condition that we pay 5 dollars surcharge... normally the taxi drivers who stop are animal lovers and have animals P have always very fascinating discussions, half in English and Chinese.
Mordia at the beginning was very scared, but I did show her how to get comfortable and enjoy the ride, looking out of the window and see many new things...she is getting better but ..unfortunately sometimes she sit facing the back of the car and then feel we have to carry a towel for emergency....otherwise the taxi driver will not be very happy.
I love father used to recognize the noise of the taxi engine and jump on every one passing by.....I'm better...I wait calmly and as soon P. open the door I jump in and sit next to her Here are some pictures of our ride in the old Central part of the island, everything does change very fast and shops open and close, move in new locations....what is nice about the city is the feeling of movement, many things happening at the same time.
Mordia is very interested especially if she seas a dog in the street.....