Saturday, 12 September 2009

A very long sommer

Hi everybody! it is September already .!
What for a nice summer hot and beautiful sky and few typhoons.
I'm not very happy when typhoons are here normally: it rains a lot very strong winds and the windows feels like thin paper ......very scary......very scary......I always worry about the small birds and squirrels which are thrown around by the wind so badly...the trees have the branches shacked in all directions.
As soon as it is feasible P. and I go out and we look for far so good everybody seems to know what to do and where to hide....nature is great
But many branches are on the floor, sometimes the whole trees are taken from the grounds......very scary......if it is terrible I go and hide inside the bathtub.....I feel safe there.....normally all typhoons come at night....and P. will stay up with all of us and make sure we are fine.
Here in Hong Kong typhoons are monitored and given numbers according to the strength of the winds and the danger from number 1 to number 10, this Summer we had only number 8.
If number 8 is hoisted everyone need to go home schools are closed and all offices as well, MTR and ferries as well ......the whole city shut down.......normally is very nice as P. come home early from work and stay with us..

Here is how the windows look like ...during the day......then everything become very black like that :
scary.....very dark and see the poor trees..

Luckily they only stay for a day or we are an island they pass very quickly over us.......and then the weather become beautiful with strong sun and blue today......
Now we are going to cook some for now...