Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas

To all four legged of this planet (two legged and no legged as well)

We Wish you a beautiful Christmas with lot of love and happiness

Love Massimiliano and the Happy friends

Thursday, 15 October 2009


P. forgot to post this two pictures.....this is Ninfadora....Ninfi we use to call her .
A rescue cat P. found in one shelter...she looked very different when she did hairs ,skinny, with ring worm.........shy and scared......
Now she like to stay with us dogs , not really with the other cats, strange......but if one of us go to near ....he will feel her sharp nails.....
Slowly she has proven herself to be a gourmet cat she is very particular what she eat and what she like.......mostly P. dinner and she is checking my cake........and yes I gave her a small piece as well......
Here she just was caught leaking my cake.......before even the candles where placed on it.........ah cats......

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

My Birthday party

*** What for a day!!!!
So many greetings and cards and songs....and presents... and cake ...Flowers.......and what I love most kisses from P. many kisses....delicious...

Flowers so beautifully scented

A. biscuit very delicious (I will give you the recipe next blog)Me excited in the kitchen during cake don;t see much of me because I continuously is a picture in

The cake with the candles...and the carrots which I Love....
I will tell you the cake was made with a crunchy base and a little of cream in the middle on top raspberries with a syrup of rose ......delicious....(They did not have my most favoured fruit .......rockmelon.......but i like raspberries as well...... and P. made sure that there was little sugar......I really don't like it.....sugar......but the cake DELICIOUS

Josie eating the cake , you can see Mordia and Andromeda as well enjoying.Notice Josie air cut for the occasion

P. is still not very good with blogging
I have got a nice massage with grappa and arnica for my back, a brush for my fur, an organic shampoo mandarin scented (I really love this one) anew Pink fluffy towel for the sofa where I sleep every day a beautiful lunch and dinner ...lunch i had some fish and dinner I had some meet just "saute".......and later my cake ......slurpi slurpi...

Eh a little exhausted after party..........time for a nap....
Here I like to thanks Grillo ABQ,Theodora, Michelle Elsie Mui Mui, Eugene , Aloka, Eze, Sweetie,Prisc, Morgana, Enrico, Rojo and fam, Arlina, Gabi, Zen , Diana,Sally and Co.........and all the ones which are not very good in blogging,,,,,,and could not send wishes ( all the cards......THANK'YOU.......ciaoooooo
P. Apologies because she did upload two pictures in the wrong position......she is not very good in blogging

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

P . and A. have given me already many kisses and a happy birthday song....even before I was born.......(I was born at 10 o'clock the first one of the litter of 5) .......P. is going to pick up the cake . A. already cooked biscuit and Beboni are already the usual selves playing like crazy....Josie had an haircut as well for the party......I now have a small walk ....It is a beautiful day here in Hong Kong..... I'm very excited and thank all for wishes......more to come tomorrow with photos .......
Ciao for now.....

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


He is expecting a lot of presents and well wishes!!!!!!! THANK'YOU EVERYBODY

Saturday, 12 September 2009

A very long sommer

Hi everybody! it is September already .!
What for a nice summer hot and beautiful sky and few typhoons.
I'm not very happy when typhoons are here normally: it rains a lot very strong winds and the windows feels like thin paper ......very scary......very scary......I always worry about the small birds and squirrels which are thrown around by the wind so badly...the trees have the branches shacked in all directions.
As soon as it is feasible P. and I go out and we look for far so good everybody seems to know what to do and where to hide....nature is great
But many branches are on the floor, sometimes the whole trees are taken from the grounds......very scary......if it is terrible I go and hide inside the bathtub.....I feel safe there.....normally all typhoons come at night....and P. will stay up with all of us and make sure we are fine.
Here in Hong Kong typhoons are monitored and given numbers according to the strength of the winds and the danger from number 1 to number 10, this Summer we had only number 8.
If number 8 is hoisted everyone need to go home schools are closed and all offices as well, MTR and ferries as well ......the whole city shut down.......normally is very nice as P. come home early from work and stay with us..

Here is how the windows look like ...during the day......then everything become very black like that :
scary.....very dark and see the poor trees..

Luckily they only stay for a day or we are an island they pass very quickly over us.......and then the weather become beautiful with strong sun and blue today......
Now we are going to cook some for now...

Monday, 1 June 2009

My friends Mordia and Josie...and the Nemo Award

Sally have awarded us the Neno's award !!!!

About the Award *As a dedication for those who love blogging activity and love to encourage friendships through blogging.

*To seek the reason why we all love blogging. *Put the award in one post as soon as you receive it. *Don’t forget to mention the person who gives you the award. *Answer the Award’s question by writing the reason why you love blogging. *Tag and distribute the Award to as many people as you like. *Don’t forget to notify the Award receivers and put their links in your post.
here we go:
We did discover blogging through D. and Sally . A new door did open to meet new friends and new places around the world, and I love to have new friends and people who send me notes and wishes.I really love it and also I love to show every one our city :Hong Kong and all my friends !
Massimiliano and P.


Today I like to speak about my two friends Mordia, which you did see last blog and Josie the Cocker spaniel which is with us since 2003.Both are very nice , but with different personalities.Josie is very resilient and strong with her own ideas about life and what and who she likes. She is also an erborist( She bite if she is not very happy or misunderstood:small bites do...not like mine..)
As soon she arrived in our home she was in a accident : she did run under a taxi on a very busy street next to our home and cracked her back...
.gosh..we thought she was gone...but no she made it! P. gave her few very effective plants and lots of care and rest and she was able to walk again. It took her few months to do so .
I go on very well with her and we like each other very much. P. walk us together....and then in 2008 she got tick fever....very she is already 12 years old P was very worried....but as always she discuss everything with us and explained to Josie what we where going to do to help her come back.
We got a new medicine from the vet,(which did cost a fortune and looked very disgusting ) and P. used her natural remedies as well, she fasted Josie till the fever was gone and gave her pellets of garlic and honey for her immune system,and honey and water to drink.She almost did pass away twice....but after 10 days the blood cells count went up again and Josie started to walk again. Slowly to eat and recover....remarcable....Now she is happy and well, yesterday she got her "summer hair cut"very short....but very fresh.Actually she look naked and she does not really like to look like that.......
Hi I'm Josie I love you all and I will tell you more adventures next.
Mordia was adopted from HKDR , a place which rescue many dogs from the Agriculture and fisheries department "jails..."..horrible places where they catch the dogs and kill them within 3 days if no one claim them.
P. does not like the place as emanate terror and fear....Mordia was there and P wanted a dog with the fur of many colors like salt and pepper no white like our cats Bellatrix,Ninfadora .

P. was working as a volunteer in HKDR and did not see Mordia, she was hiding inside a box....she look like a fox....she was sooooooooooooo one can imagine.......very scared...Josie and I taught her to be more relax and less nervous. P. was not able to touch her on the beginning, but this is OK with P. as she leave us all the time we need to feel comfortable.....Now she is almost two years with us...and she is super naughty and very playful ....and she like me very much.....she always sleep next to me.....I love her to....
Here she is just arrived......very can see...
A real scared animal...mostly scared from people. She was very light no bone mass like a with our super diet she is strong and put weight on as well....
Hi everybody here I really look bad.....I will show you how I did change...till next.

Monday, 18 May 2009

Taxi trip with Mordia in the old part of the city

Long time silence but P. could not write as something horrible did happen in our house.
Sometimes things happen under our own eyes and we can not stop them even if we are very careful .
We didn't t even pick up the award, will do today.Sorry Sally.
I go sometimes to the office with P. and we drive taxis.....
In Honk Kong we can ride taxis with a condition that we pay 5 dollars surcharge... normally the taxi drivers who stop are animal lovers and have animals P have always very fascinating discussions, half in English and Chinese.
Mordia at the beginning was very scared, but I did show her how to get comfortable and enjoy the ride, looking out of the window and see many new things...she is getting better but ..unfortunately sometimes she sit facing the back of the car and then feel we have to carry a towel for emergency....otherwise the taxi driver will not be very happy.
I love father used to recognize the noise of the taxi engine and jump on every one passing by.....I'm better...I wait calmly and as soon P. open the door I jump in and sit next to her Here are some pictures of our ride in the old Central part of the island, everything does change very fast and shops open and close, move in new locations....what is nice about the city is the feeling of movement, many things happening at the same time.
Mordia is very interested especially if she seas a dog in the street.....

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Luci the lezard

Sunday's "Frog weather"

Hi everybody....first of all I like to thanks Sally for having posted my photograph on her site.

Thank'you as well for all the messages....P. need to learn a little more to how this blog work as she still does not know how I can have my woff post...I need to be patient, but I have to say that she had a very busy week with a little our plan to go to The headquarters of the Hong Kong Bank , where are the two famous lions (famous for the Fung Shui :Chinese Geomantie)has being postponed.

Last week -end started our very hot and humid spring....98%RH and 27 0 C super hot and no wind and air, very hot and sticky. P. Put the aircon on for the whole day every thing was wet in the house......but all the animals and the trees in the forest like this weather which I call "frog weather"....and promise there are many frogs can hear them at dusk.

Now we are looking for Luci the lezard and see if she is still around....we did met her last year at this time.

We were walking and suddenly a new scent did distract me and Mordia.....P. sensed something or somebody watching us as well.....Strange.......

We went toward a tree not far from the street and there she was looking at us : a very big lezard with crested back ...she did look very scary at first and strange.....but then looking better she was very beautiful, very green and very placid.
Luci in the tree

Obviously this type of lezard is not indegenous of Hong Kong and after walking pass and making sure no one else did see her P. took this picture and decided to call the Kadoorie farm the day after.

The Kadoorie farm is a centre for wildlife in danger, people are very helpfull there and help many animals which are found or catched (Pui Pui the crocodile was also there)in the territory.

They told P. (which send this picture to them) that this type of lezard is called Chinese Water Dragon and native probably from Malaysia or South obviously she was a pet and was released in the forest....pritty scary poor Luci......she did look a little perplexed I have to say.

They told us that she will not survive the winter and to try to catch her as they make a wonderful pet......but in our home there are Sirius, Bellatrix and Ninfadora as well (our cats) and I don't think Luci will be happy.

Even me I will not know if I would like to sare my home with her.

Plus she looked so happy in the trees... and it was april and she had till october , november before cold weather would arrive.

P. decided to monitor her and see what happen......we did see her every day till november....she moved from one tree to an other and she became very green (apparentely when they are healthy and happy) when was very hot in sommer she would dangle her feet in the air .....very relaxing.

Then she disappeared for the complete winter and we were wondering what happened to her.

But now we are looking in the trees and will tell you if we do see her again.It will be nice!

Ciao for now love Massimiliano

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Walk in the reservoir

Today P. had half day off and we went to a beautiful walk to the reservoir near our home.After the rain the sun come out and the colors of the forest where very vivid and very green.

it is spring here in Hong Kong and many birds , cicada , frogs sing their happiness to the new cycle of live.

So we went with Josie the Cocker spaniel (I will tell you her story later)and Mordia, my new friend.

P. named her like my mother which went to the light two years ago aged 15 .
She is very naughty now, when she first came was very shy and very scared. and did only sit in a corner.
It is so nice to walk and smell all the different scents of the forest! I really do enjoy it!