Friday, 1 July 2011

My last journey on earth

This morning at 6.30 I left this dimension. Left P.Beboni and everybody, my journey here was completed.
P. will decide who will continue this blog, but I would like Mordia and Gianettina to continue.
I love you Maxi P

Monday, 7 February 2011

Chinese new Year 2011

Here is me ....just weaking up...had a very nice eh

The beautiful country side warm and nice weather.

P. was home for 5 days!Fantastic, we had her with us all the time.

I got a wash, brushing and nails cutting.....and a lot of nice kisses.....we miss Josie her bed is empty, sometime Mordia or Azzurra sleep there....I was a little tired, but recovered yesterday was a beautiful day...P. has bought many narcissus so home is very fragrant and delicious.....

Mordia and Andromeda went on the hills in some new walks......they were exhausted when they did come back.... you can see here Andromeda eh eh sorry P did not rotate the image.....


A very sad news :Josie passed away on the Saturday 22 of January at around 12.30 in the late morning, at home with all of us around her.

P. did dream two days before that she was barking and running in a beautiful "prato"....I wish is true for her.

She had a very strong kidney failure, and P. took her home on a drip and she become better and then collapsed.She was able to talk to her M. S. as well and she was very happy.
She was around 15 years old her favourite food was everything but she adored fruits and carrots, a tenacious dog not easy in giving up.
Love love love...

We all love you .You left an emptiness in the home tapestry:a hole.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Christmas and soon Chinese New Year

Cold and grey.....cold and grey......not really my favourite weather !!!But this year is like that more cold then usual.P. just keep the heather next to me and Josie so we are warm.
A. left for home and now we have a new keeper ....she is ok but does not understand us yet....they all take so much time to understand that we are speaking as well and we are all the same....they expect us to answer in a human short sighted....!!! Most think that humans are the only think on the planet......luckily P. take time to explain, but sometime she get so frustrated.......I understand her.
Josie still do some short outings , but she feel weak as well :we are very old....grappa massage and brushing is my favorite things.... and obviously good food. and very good naps
Beboni are as naughty as ever.....more to come...some pictures of me.....

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Birthday

P is very busy, so no many postings, but few days ago on the 15Th was my birthday eh eh eh I'm 17Th........I have got sushi and steamed broccoli organic from china (very little carbon print) I was fully brushed and massaged with arnica and grappa, which is a very good concoction for my old bones, it make me feel lighter. It was used by P father for muscle and bone pain.....very ciao everybody I will post a new picture of me on the weekend when P. has more time.
Thank Priscilla and Morgana and Diana for all the good wishes.....thanks

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Last night I had a fantastic sleep!!! Rain outside, cool inside and delicious dreams. and a super soft bed ....lately I love broccoli very much...steamed with garlic....mmmmmm and organic taste much better....I can tell the difference.....

Last week I did like asparagus , also steamed with garlic very crunchy

But back at Typhoon...the reservoir is full of water , the sound of the water is very soothing , in the stream are many Lucis , P did see 4 yesterday very green colored...the stream is a beautiful place, spiders we even saw a giant porcupine.....and many birds...grey large bird with long legs ..I bark at them so they eh...

Mordi and Andromeda they ran free now....finally Mordia does not escape in the bushes for hours ...she is getting better...she is not to scared anymore ..she must have had a terrible childhood either at HKDR or before ...and surely she is wild......she like to roll in the mud and love leaves ....I can not run anymore as I'm to old but enjoy looking at them and remember my crazy runs up at the Peak.....look at Mordia and Andromeda.Ciao sommer is here

Thursday, 3 June 2010

P birthday

The Queen of the Night flower in our kitchen
Dear all with all the cures and vitamins and homeopathic remedies, that p gave me after my new crisis, I did recover well and faster!

I have to say that some days I feel my age, others I feel super well again, it is like a cycle.

Everyday is a blessing to be here and I enjoy it very much...

Beboni are the usual selves :pests Mordia, she guide me around the house, she is very nice and helpful I love her.

We had a very beautiful P birthday last Monday, with cakes and special vegetables and melon and strawberries...very are some flowers for all of you...

Love Max