Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Birthday

P is very busy, so no many postings, but few days ago on the 15Th was my birthday eh eh eh I'm 17Th........I have got sushi and steamed broccoli organic from china (very little carbon print) I was fully brushed and massaged with arnica and grappa, which is a very good concoction for my old bones, it make me feel lighter. It was used by P father for muscle and bone pain.....very effective.....so ciao everybody I will post a new picture of me on the weekend when P. has more time.
Thank Priscilla and Morgana and Diana for all the good wishes.....thanks

Thursday, 22 July 2010


Last night I had a fantastic sleep!!! Rain outside, cool inside and delicious dreams. and a super soft bed ....lately I love broccoli very much...steamed with garlic....mmmmmm and organic taste much better....I can tell the difference.....

Last week I did like asparagus , also steamed with garlic very crunchy

But back at Typhoon...the reservoir is full of water , the sound of the water is very soothing , in the stream are many Lucis , P did see 4 yesterday very green colored...the stream is a beautiful place, spiders we even saw a giant porcupine.....and many birds...grey large bird with long legs ..I bark at them so they fly...eh eh...

Mordi and Andromeda they ran free now....finally Mordia does not escape in the bushes for hours ...she is getting better...she is not to scared anymore ..she must have had a terrible childhood either at HKDR or before ...and surely she is wild......she like to roll in the mud and love leaves ....I can not run anymore as I'm to old but enjoy looking at them and remember my crazy runs up at the Peak.....look at Mordia and Andromeda.Ciao sommer is here

Thursday, 3 June 2010

P birthday

The Queen of the Night flower in our kitchen
Dear all with all the cures and vitamins and homeopathic remedies, that p gave me after my new crisis, I did recover well and faster!

I have to say that some days I feel my age, others I feel super well again, it is like a cycle.

Everyday is a blessing to be here and I enjoy it very much...

Beboni are the usual selves :pests Mordia, she guide me around the house, she is very nice and helpful I love her.

We had a very beautiful P birthday last Monday, with cakes and special vegetables and melon and strawberries...very delicious......here are some flowers for all of you...

Love Max

Tuesday, 27 April 2010


This is an odd spring:warm...cold and warm humid and cold......we did see few weeks ago poor luci the lizard out and tacking a bath in the stream with the joy of the old people which go and do exercise early on the morning....but the following day the temperature did drop again more then 10 degrees.....I'm worry for all the butterflies, frogs and lucis.......it will be difficult.
last night we went to our usual walk and it was the twilight......many fruits bats did flow over our had twitching......very nice....P. is not scared at all and in fact love all the bats.
Last year we did find a baby fallen from the nest and she did pick it up and put to safety.....very cute little bat already with teeth...eh eh....
We did not see much of the sun as well...strange spring......very strange.......
Few days ago I had an other crisis and need to stay home for a while, I 'm pretty weak and my ear is painful.....A..the vet is coming at home again.......P. sleep next to me in case I have something happening to me during the night and this make me very happy and feel more secure....ciao everybody hope to be out again soon....love Max

Monday, 22 March 2010


Here is a beautiful photograph of Buffo, a very nice friend.Love Max

Saturday, 13 March 2010


Last week our friend Buffo, passed away .He was an Appenzeller dog and used to live in Zurich with P. friend R.
We send you light and love to make your journey more pleasant and maybe you will meet my friends which are already there.
Love Max

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Feeling better...and out again

Ciao everyone, as you can see I'm out again smelling at the grass.....I'm very happy and P. very happy as well.
Here are more Chinese New Year auspicious flowers to have in the house, shop or office.We do like Daffodils as they smell divine ...so intensely..
This pictures are at the flower market in Kowloon.Real beautiful.....!!!!!

Here are some mandarin trees ...more fruit ...more luck...they are everywhere in the homes and in the shops...everywhere ...they bring happiness with the nice orange color.
This is a beautiful installation in one of the commercial buildings:A tiger family all done in flowers....apparently the concept was designed by Mr. P.Bailey....a mother tiger with her babies.....

Ciao spring is coming....frogs are out already....

Friday, 12 February 2010

Kung Hey Fat Choi


Ciao everybody ,

Sunday will be the first day of Chinese New year, the year of the metal Tiger.....luckily being born in the year of the pig will be a good year for me.......After the scare of a couple of days ago I need a nice peaceful year.....I did faint two times...P. was so scared, she brought A. the vet home....(yes I'm extremely scared by the vet studio, you can imagine...... at home is a little better, but he always do something unpleasant...
He took my blood for analysis and manipulated my back legs to see if I was responding.......not nice....after that one leg was very soar...P. put Arnica and grappa on my hart and on my leg...everyday......luckily I did not lost the appetite and now I eat 4 small meals a day....so it is easy to digest and my body can take the nutrients.... I feel much better today I still did not go out yet...as being a week...
There are many tradition and many things to do many flowers to buy many food to eat......a very beautiful holidays.

At home we have all the Fung Shui figurines , beautiful daffodils which smell divine.,special dessert and so on.......we will get red bed covers for the auspicious day

P is going to the flower market today or tomorrow she enjoy the crowd at New year.

For me there are to many people....... But the good news is that P. will stay with us for 4 days........the best....ciao everybody have a fantastic year of the tiger....ciao Max

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Love, Love, Love

This beautiful photograph was taken and given by P. friend Sarah...they are tulips but look like hearts.........
Ahhh, here is cold again...this year is hot then cold then hot and now is cold...10 degrees and for our standards is cold as most of the houses don't have central heating...so just cold.

P.gave us for Christmas beautiful fluffy beds with hearts all over in different colors.....maybe is also because of that but I'm madly in love....I cry I follow and sniff at my dearest Andromeda....the most delicious beauty I ever have seen !!!!!

I was never interested in my all live in any female really.....but Andromeda.....

P. is worry because I have lost some weight, but can not help it my heart is full of love......I'm very happy very happy.......I hope you all can experience this wonderful feeling once in your live is very very delicious...........