Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Luci the lezard

Sunday's "Frog weather"

Hi everybody....first of all I like to thanks Sally for having posted my photograph on her site.

Thank'you as well for all the messages....P. need to learn a little more to how this blog work as she still does not know how I can have my woff post...I need to be patient, but I have to say that she had a very busy week with a little stress...so our plan to go to The headquarters of the Hong Kong Bank , where are the two famous lions (famous for the Fung Shui :Chinese Geomantie)has being postponed.

Last week -end started our very hot and humid spring....98%RH and 27 0 C super hot and no wind and air, very hot and sticky. P. Put the aircon on for the whole day every thing was wet in the house......but all the animals and the trees in the forest like this weather which I call "frog weather"....and promise there are many frogs ..you can hear them at dusk.

Now we are looking for Luci the lezard and see if she is still around....we did met her last year at this time.

We were walking and suddenly a new scent did distract me and Mordia.....P. sensed something or somebody watching us as well.....Strange.......

We went toward a tree not far from the street and there she was looking at us : a very big lezard with crested back ...she did look very scary at first and strange.....but then looking better she was very beautiful, very green and very placid.
Luci in the tree

Obviously this type of lezard is not indegenous of Hong Kong and after walking pass and making sure no one else did see her P. took this picture and decided to call the Kadoorie farm the day after.

The Kadoorie farm is a centre for wildlife in danger, people are very helpfull there and help many animals which are found or catched (Pui Pui the crocodile was also there)in the territory.

They told P. (which send this picture to them) that this type of lezard is called Chinese Water Dragon and native probably from Malaysia or South China.....so obviously she was a pet and was released in the forest....pritty scary poor Luci......she did look a little perplexed I have to say.

They told us that she will not survive the winter and to try to catch her as they make a wonderful pet......but in our home there are Sirius, Bellatrix and Ninfadora as well (our cats) and I don't think Luci will be happy.

Even me I will not know if I would like to sare my home with her.

Plus she looked so happy in the trees... and it was april and she had till october , november before cold weather would arrive.

P. decided to monitor her and see what happen......we did see her every day till november....she moved from one tree to an other and she became very green (apparentely when they are healthy and happy) when was very hot in sommer she would dangle her feet in the air .....very relaxing.

Then she disappeared for the complete winter and we were wondering what happened to her.

But now we are looking in the trees and will tell you if we do see her again.It will be nice!

Ciao for now love Massimiliano

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Walk in the reservoir

Today P. had half day off and we went to a beautiful walk to the reservoir near our home.After the rain the sun come out and the colors of the forest where very vivid and very green.

it is spring here in Hong Kong and many birds , cicada , frogs sing their happiness to the new cycle of live.

So we went with Josie the Cocker spaniel (I will tell you her story later)and Mordia, my new friend.

P. named her like my mother which went to the light two years ago aged 15 .
She is very naughty now, when she first came was very shy and very scared. and did only sit in a corner.
It is so nice to walk and smell all the different scents of the forest! I really do enjoy it!