Thursday, 22 July 2010


Last night I had a fantastic sleep!!! Rain outside, cool inside and delicious dreams. and a super soft bed ....lately I love broccoli very much...steamed with garlic....mmmmmm and organic taste much better....I can tell the difference.....

Last week I did like asparagus , also steamed with garlic very crunchy

But back at Typhoon...the reservoir is full of water , the sound of the water is very soothing , in the stream are many Lucis , P did see 4 yesterday very green colored...the stream is a beautiful place, spiders we even saw a giant porcupine.....and many birds...grey large bird with long legs ..I bark at them so they eh...

Mordi and Andromeda they ran free now....finally Mordia does not escape in the bushes for hours ...she is getting better...she is not to scared anymore ..she must have had a terrible childhood either at HKDR or before ...and surely she is wild......she like to roll in the mud and love leaves ....I can not run anymore as I'm to old but enjoy looking at them and remember my crazy runs up at the Peak.....look at Mordia and Andromeda.Ciao sommer is here

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