Monday, 7 February 2011


A very sad news :Josie passed away on the Saturday 22 of January at around 12.30 in the late morning, at home with all of us around her.

P. did dream two days before that she was barking and running in a beautiful "prato"....I wish is true for her.

She had a very strong kidney failure, and P. took her home on a drip and she become better and then collapsed.She was able to talk to her M. S. as well and she was very happy.
She was around 15 years old her favourite food was everything but she adored fruits and carrots, a tenacious dog not easy in giving up.
Love love love...

We all love you .You left an emptiness in the home tapestry:a hole.

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  1. We are so very sad to hear this news - Josie was a sweet angel. We send you big hugs and all our love,

    Diana, and Sally and Paddy